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'THUNDER EGG' - Germany (archive)

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Cut and polished

St. Egidien, Saxony, Germany

A 'thunder egg' is the traditional name given to an unusual and often beautiful variety of agate.

Thunder eggs are round nodules that formed in flows of volcanic lava known as rhyolite. They usually consist of a star-shaped core of agate and are most attractive when cut and polished.

They mostly occur in Oregon and Nevada in the USA but they can also be found elsewhere, such as this example from Germany.

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Size:  9 x 7 x 4 centimetres
Weight:  255 grams

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'THUNDER EGG' - Germany (archive)
'THUNDER EGG' - Germany (archive) 'THUNDER EGG' - Germany (archive) 'THUNDER EGG' - Germany (archive) 'THUNDER EGG' - Germany (archive)