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SIKHOTE-ALIN METEORITE (2.5 centimetre meteorites) - Russia

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(Iron meteorite)
Fell 12 February 1947
Sikhote-Alin Mountains, near Vladivostok, Russia
Small meteorites (2.5 centimetres in size), each in a glass gemstone box.
The Sikhote-Alin fall is one of the largest and most spectacular meteorite falls in historical times.  In full daylight, a fireball brighter than the sun was seen to be travelling south, leaving a 40 km long smoke trail.  It exploded at a height of about 5 km and showered the thickly forested area with thousands of fragments, producing over a hundred craters. 
Over 23 tons of this meteorite has been recovered by Russian expeditions.  Most of the material consists of jagged and twisted fragments of iron which shows the violent effects of being torn apart in the atmosphere. 

The meteorite is provided in a white gemstone display box with a glass lid and a comprehensive label.

Please note:  The photographs are typical examples of what we have.  You will receive the best example from our current stock.
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Size: 2.5 centimetres long (approx)
Weight: varies

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