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Sample of North Sea oil (Second hand) (archive)

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A sample of genuine North sea crude oil encased in a clear acrylic block and provided with a descriptive label. (Second hand item)

A glass ampoule containing a sample of North Sea oil encased in a clear acrylic block in the shape of a barrel of oil.  It is a second hand, very collectable item in very good condition and comes with a descriptive label describing the geological background to North Sea oil production. 


About North Sea oil
Crude oil is the term used to describe various naturally-occurring liquid hydrocarbons found in rock strata that can be extracted and refined to produce various fuels. The word petroleum is used to describe both crude oil and the petroleum products made from it.
In its natural state crude oil is a yellow to dark brown liquid consisting of various organic compounds.  It was formed millions of years ago by the decay of large quantities of marine organisms such as algae in sedimentary rocks which were then subjected to heat and pressure.
Oil is rarely found in the rock strata where it was originally formed but migrates upwards through porous rocks to collect in ‘traps’ beneath non-porous strata.  The porous rock in which the oil is found is called the oil ‘reservoir’.
Most of the oil beneath the floor of the North Sea is trapped in reservoir rocks consisting mostly of sandstones dating from the Jurassic and Palaeocene periods.  These rocks have porosities exceeding 20% which enables the oil to flow freely and the wells economic. The source rocks where the oil originally formed are the Upper Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay Formation.
The first commercial oil field to be discovered in the North Sea was in 1969 and oil continues to be produced.  Five countries are involved: UK, Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

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Size: 6.5 tall x 5 centimetres diameter
Weight: 145 grams

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Sample of North Sea oil (Second hand) (archive)
Sample of North Sea oil (Second hand) (archive) Sample of North Sea oil (Second hand) (archive) Sample of North Sea oil (Second hand) (archive) Sample of North Sea oil (Second hand) (archive)