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NEPHRITE JADE - Siberia (archive)

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Polished slice of nephrite jade from Siberia, Russia, showing the weathered edge of the original boulder

Jade is the common name for a fine-grained rock which has been used for carving and as a gemstone for thousands of years. It is made up of interlocking crystals which make it a very tough rock.

The name jade has actually been given to two different rocks: jadeite and nephrite.  Nephrite jade is more common than Jadeite, ranging from dark green to cream-coloured, the most famous source being New Zealand.

The Siberian nephrite mines are situated in a remote area of Siberia to the south-west of Lake Baikal. Mining in this area is difficult due to the mountainous terrain and harsh climate. Mines are reached by helicopter in the summer and by large trucks along the frozen rivers in winter. 

The back of this slice is unpolished.

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Size:  22 x 10 x 1 centimetres
Weight: 416 grams
Optional metal stand (£1)

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NEPHRITE JADE - Siberia (archive)
NEPHRITE JADE - Siberia (archive) NEPHRITE JADE - Siberia (archive) NEPHRITE JADE - Siberia (archive) NEPHRITE JADE - Siberia (archive)