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MOLDAVITE (tektite) - Czech Republic

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A glassy tektite from the Czech Republic formed by a giant meteorite impact

15 million years old
Tektites are mysterious objects, formed from a shower of molten rock ejected from a giant meteorite impact.  The tektites from Eastern Europe are known as moldavites and are composed of lustrous transparent green glass with a surface sculpted by elliptical pits.  Moldavites are widely used in jewellery.
The crater responsible for moldavites is the giant Ries Crater in Germany, created during the Miocene period by the impact of a 1.5 kilometre diameter asteroid. Rocks at the impact site were instantly melted and molten material ejected into the atmosphere.  Splatters of this melt cooled whilst airborne and landed hundreds of kilometres away as a blanket of glassy droplets in what is now the Czech Republic.

The specimen is provided in a white plastic display box with a glass lid and a comprehensive label.
Please note:  The photographs are typical examples of what we have.  You will receive the best example from our current stock. 
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Size: minimum 1.5 centimetres
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