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MICROFOSSILS (second hand copy) (archive)

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By M.D. Brasier

(Second hand copy in very good condition)

A fully illustrated introduction to microfossils - a fascinating, aesthetically appealing and economically important area of palaeontology.  

This book covers all the groups of microfossils whose study requires the use of a microscope, such as ostracods, conodonts, algae, spores, pollen, cyanophytes, bacteria, protists and chitinozoans.

Softback. 193 pages. Published by George Allen and Unwin. 1980.
Black and white diagrams and illustrations throughout.  Very good condition.

Size: 24.5 x 19 centimetres
Weight: 510 grams

PRICE: £5.00
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MICROFOSSILS (second hand copy) (archive)