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A 28 million year old silica glass found in the desert on the border of Libya and Egypt, the origin of which is still unknown.

From the Great Sand Sea Region, Western Egypt

Glassy, wind-eroded pieces of nearly pure silica have long been found in the desert on the border of Libya and Egypt. It is transparent to translucent yellow to pale green in colour. Despite much research the origin of this material is unknown. However it is clear that there must be an extra-terrestrial connection. The most popular theory is that the desert sand in these region was melted by the intense heat of a 'Tunguska-like' aerial explosion that intantaneously melted the desert sand over a wide area, but there are many difficulties with this explanation.

Libyan Desert Glass has been known about for a very long time; prehistoric tools have been found made from it and the ancient Egyptians clearly valued it: a piece of jewellery from Tutankhamun's tomb contained a scarab intricately carved from desert glass.

Please note:  The photographs are typical examples of what we have. All the pieces are translucent yellow to pale green with a milky appearance. You will receive the best example from our current stock. 

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Size: 3 to 4 centimetres (average)
Weight: varies

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