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GNEISS - over 3 billion years old - Greenland (archive)

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At least 3 billion years old

south of Ivittuut, Greenland

An example of the metamorphic rock gneiss from 
Kobberminebugt (Danish for Coppermine Bay), a fjord in southwest Greenland. The rocks in this area date from the Archean Eon and are at least 3 billion years old. This specimen is from an old university collection.

Gneiss (pronounced 'nice') is formed under the extreme conditions that exist beneath mountain ranges and in the collision zone between continental plates.  The very high temperatures and pressures enable the rock to  change completely and new minerals to crystallise.  This rock may originally have been a sedimentary rock.  The hot rock became soft as it approached melting point. If it had melted completely it would, on cooling, have become a granite.

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Size:  8 x 7 x 5 centimetres
Weight:  330 grams

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