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FOSSIL SET (SUPERIOR SET) - A high quality collection of 16 fossils plus educational material

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Exclusive to The Rock Gallery

A high quality collection of real fossils - ideal for primary schools or for a young collector

A collection of 16 fossils representing the major groups of animals and plants through geological time. The set is in a sturdy plastic box with each fossil fully labelled in its own compartment.

Comprehensive information is provided about fossils in general, the specific fossils in the set, their age and how they fit into the animal and plant kingdoms. All information sheets are laminated.

Each sets contains the following fossils:

Amber Crinoid Sponge
Ammonite Dinosaur eggshell Trilobite
Belemnite Echinoid Whale bone
Bivalve Gastropod Fossilised wood
Brachiopod Nautiloid
Coral Shark's tooth

Each set also contains:
  • Three information sheets on fossils.
  • A geological timescale.
  • A chart showing the family relationships of the fossils in the set.
  • A sheet of information about each of the groups of fossils represented in the set.
  • A small magnifying glass.
The photos show a typical set. Because they are genuine fossils each set varies.

Click on a picture for a larger image. 

Size: 27 x 18 x 4.5 centimetres
Weight: 750 grams (average)

PRICE: £39.00
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