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COTHAM MARBLE (SMALL POLISHED PIECE) - 200 million years old - Bristol

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The classic British landscape marble from the Bristol district

Small cut and polished example

200 million years old

Cotham marble is a rare decorative stone found only in the Bristol district.  The unique landscape effect is due to the growth of algae in shallow water on an ancient shoreline 200 million years ago.  On some polished pieces the resemblance to a line of hedges and trees is uncanny. 

Cotham marble is named after the suburb of Bristol where it was first found.
Colonies of algae such as these are called stromatolites. They were among the first organisms to have lived on Earth.

This example has been polished on one side with a natural surface on the reverse. It is presented in a lidded gift box.

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Size:  9.5 x 5.5 x 1 centimetres
Weight: 101 grams

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